Hummingbird humming, won’t you keep me company . . .

Greetings from Victoria,

The rain, the bare trees, the snowdrops–the west coast version of winter is my view while I write this. As we approach a year living under the thumb of Covid-19, the relentless impact on our lives and live music is difficult to bear at times. Thank goodness for small miracles. Last spring, I was blessed to witness a hummingbird building her nest, then feeding the hatchlings until they learned to fly right outside my window! Looks like I got a blues song out of it too . . . more on that in the next newsletter.

I got another sweet surprise recently–a review of my 2017 EP ‘Live at the Duncan Showroom‘ from Aldora Britain Records.

And I’m paying the gift forward to all of you–‘Live‘ will be available free for a limited time from Bandcamp here. If you already have it, consider sending it as a gift to a music-loving friend!

Over the last few months, I’ve been working on a batch of songs for a recording project. There have been a few hurdles along the way, including but not limited to ankle surgery, a badly sprained wrist, and a grant application rejection. Recovery is well underway so I can play guitar without pain and I’m exploring other ways to fund the recording. Challenging times indeed, but ultimately the drive to create music is more powerful than any obstacle.

With hope for the end to pandemic restrictions, I have full band shows (outdoor and potentially streaming) tentatively scheduled for this summer. Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned! In the meantime, I’m looking out for that hummingbird to return to her nest while I play my lap steel.

As always, your support in getting my music out there means so much. Say ‘hi’ via email, YoutubeFacebook and Instagram. Be well, and hang in there!

Stay connected,