Sue Decker has one of the most remarkable voices I have heard for many a day. She has a warm voice, deep and strong and there is a haunting quality to it that gave me chills when I first put the album on . . . the whole thing is a terrific listen.”
~ Andy Snipper, Blues Matters Magazine (UK)

Decker’s songs and vocals show her to be an artist with a great future . . . marvellous stuff.
~ John Valenteyn, John’s Blues Picks, Toronto Blues Society

An ideal album for an evening on the couch with a glass of wine and dessert at hand.”
~ Walter Vanheuckelom, Concert Monkey (Belgium)

. . . we have the proof here that Ry Cooder and Lucinda Williams once hooked up.  Singing/writing/playing talent like this has to be as much genetic as it is God given. Decker is a mind blowing talent that makes you think she’s making this music just for you.  Simply not to be missed.
~ Chris Spector, Editor and Publisher, Midwest Record

‘Outskirts of Love’ is the kind of record you’ll want to listen to all day.
~ John A. Kerierff ‘The Rock Doctor’, Gonzo Okanagan

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