National Radio Charts!
Reviews, radiowaves, and real-life.

Hello everyone!
I hope this finds you taking care of yourself and those around you. ‘Outskirts of Love’, my first full studio album is out! First, a little tidbit about the cover art: it was made out of fabric by talented seamstress (and my mom!) Pat Decker. Good thing those seams are strong, there’s lots of news bursting through since my last newsletter.

Reviews, radio play, interviews around the world and close to home, live shows in BC and Alberta, and this brand new website! Highlights include airplay on CBC’s ‘Saturday Night Blues’ with Holger Petersen, a review by John Valenteyn from the Toronto Blues Society, a sold out house concert in Edmonton, and ongoing support close to home from CFUV, especially ‘Blues in the Morning’s Jim Martens. Catch up with more news on Facebook and Instagram.

It all feels surreal at times. I never imagined people in Croatia listening my music or doing an interview with a radio show in Florida. For every one of these dreamlike (and fleeting) moments, there is a real connection with another person and for that I am grateful.

You can listen and download songs or the whole album here and you can also buy the physical CD. I’ll sign and mail it to you or to one of the roots and blues lovers in your world!

Whether you check it out digitally or get the actual CD, you can practically feel the stitches on the cover art . . . and hopefully hear the heart and soul we put into the album.

Stay tuned for more live shows in 2020 and best wishes over the holidays!