Sue Decker started playing music with a rented guitar at a bluegrass jam and it wasn’t long before she devoted herself to writing songs, playing the dobro, and singing the blues. Her expressive voice and love of slide guitar have been constant companions as she expands her musicality wherever her songwriting leads.

Sue makes music that embodies the essence of early blues and folk with the songwriting sensibility of outlaw country: she is just as likely to meet her muse in a Bessie Smith record as she is at a Steve Earle concert. “The ideal I’m always chasing as a songwriter is to use ordinary language to fuse everyday moments with the unspeakable and the extraordinary”.

Sue followed the release of 2015’s Live at the Duncan Showroom EP with a digital single “Love Never Follows the Rules” in 2017. Her first full studio album, Outskirts of Love (2019), presents twelve original songs about love, fear, and faith with passion, honesty and a little bit of cheekiness here and there. Collaborating with award-winning producer Wynn Gogol on Outskirts marks a milestone in Sue’s capacity for crafting soundscapes that tell each song’s unique story. From solo country blues to evocative ballads to full band soul arrangements, Outskirts features contributions from Bill Johnson, Damian Graham, Paul Black, Adam Dobres, and Kelly Fawcett.

On stage, Sue creates a sense of community with her playful connection to the audience and there’s plenty of tasty lap-style slide guitar, whether she is playing solo or with a band. She also shares her undeniable affinity for vintage blues as the host of Back Porch Blues, a monthly acoustic blues session with a talented collective of fellow musicians in Victoria, Canada.

compelling and haunting . . .  delivered with the wit and compassion of 1920s and ‘30s folk traditions and fitting comfortably with the current music of Rhiannon Giddens and Samantha Fish” 

~ Jim Martens, Blues in the Morning on CFUV