Sue's edits Feb. 7 2013 1

Sue Decker’s soulful voice and slide guitar hold the listener gently while travelling through territory that is beautiful and earthy, sometimes dark, and always life-giving. She writes songs that embody the spirit of early blues, folk, bluegrass and country music and she’s just as likely to meet her muse in Rumi’s poetry, Emily Carr’s painting, or in a Bessie Smith record. Sue followed the release of her first EP—Live at the Duncan Showroom—with a single studio recording “Love Never Follows the Rules” in September 2017. Plans for a full studio recording in 2018 are underway. On stage, Sue creates a warm and playful connection with the audience and there’s plenty of stellar lap-style slide guitar. She also shares her undeniable affinity for singing and playing vintage blues as the host of “Back Porch Blues”, a monthly acoustic blues session with a talented collective of fellow musicians. Walk alongside a spell and have a listen.

“We rarely hear the inward music, but we are all dancing to it nevertheless, directed by the one who teaches us, the pure joy of the sun, the music master.” ~ Rumi